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SC 4: Quaternary carbonates around the Ryukyu Islands - sedimentary facies and sea-level changes -

Lecturers: Y. Tsuji (JOGMEC), Y. Iryu (Tohoku Univ.), K. Sugihara (Fukuoka Univ.) and H. Matsuda (Kumamoto Univ.)

Quaternary carbonate deposits comprising reefal and deeper water facies, occur around the Ryukyu Islands, southwestern Japan. The reefs consist of coralliferous limestone in which more than 100 species of hermatypic corals are recognized, and deeper water facies consist of rhodoliths and larger foraminifera limestones. The contents of this short course will be
(1) Introductory lectures on present-day and Quaternary carbonates around the Ryukyu Islands,
(2) Observations of marine sediments and core samples, as well as thin sections, and
(3) Sedimentological analyses of the carbonate succession and palaeontological examination of fossil assemblages for reconstructing sea-level changes. This short course is intended to provide a facies model applicable to Cenozoic carbonates and is related to Field Excursions A12, B12 and B13.

30th August, 9:00 - 17:00 (6 hrs)
Minimum participants:
Maximum participants:
¥5,000 (¥3,000 for students)