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Short Courses and Workshops

Deadline: 15th March 2006.
Registration deadline for short courses and workshops is extended again to 15th March 2006!

The following short courses and workshops will be offered during the Congress, depending on responses.

Short course and workshop registration procedure: Registration in advance is required for all short courses and workshops in view of the preparation required, although there is no cost for SC 3. We strongly recommend using on-line registration. On the Congress Website, click on "Short Courses & Workshops" and log in with your Username and Password. In case you do not have Internet access, You can also complete Registration form downloaded from this Website and send it by mail or fax to the ISC2006 Secretariat Office.


The fee includes lecture notes but does not cover lunches. In SC 6, the fee does not include accommodation and transportation to/from Kochi. Delegates need to make their own transport arrangements to/from Kochi.


WS 1, WS 2 and SC 5 will be held prior to the Congress. A desk for these participants will be opened at 9:00 am on the 4th floor at FICC before the opening of the official registration desk. Delegates will also be able to collect items for the short courses and workshops.

Short Courses

SC 1: Physical processes of sediment transport and primary sedimentary structures
Lecturer: J. B. Southard (MIT)
SC 2: Biomineralization and microbialites - Frontiers in carbonate sedimentology
Lecturers: J. Reitner and G. Arp (Univ. Göttingen)
SC 3: Experimental stratigraphy: research and educational tools for academia and industry
Lecturers: C. Paola (Univ. Minnesota), T. Muto (Nagasaki Univ.) and O. Takano (JAPEX)
SC 4: Quaternary carbonates around the Ryukyu Islands - sedimentary facies and sea level changes -
Lecturers: Y. Tsuji (JOGMEC), Y. Iryu (Tohoku Univ.), K. Sugihara (Fukuoka Univ.) and H. Matsuda (Kumamoto Univ.)
SC 5: Optimal modelling of depositional environments by integration of subsurface geological and geophysical information
Lecturers: S. Lang (Woodside Energy Ltd.), M. Bucknill (Paradigm Geophys. Corp.), T. Nakanishi (INPEX Corp.)
SC 6: Marine core description & physical property measurements
Lecturers: K. Kodama (Kochi Univ.) and W. Soh (JAMSTEC)


WS 1: Sequence stratigraphy: a review and look forward
Organiser: R. Steel (Univ. Texas at Austin)
WS 2: Sediment gravity flow deposits: major advances over the last 10 years and remaining problems
Organisers: G. Parker (Univ. Illinois), H. Naruse (Kyoto Univ.), R. Hiscott (Memorial Univ. Newfoundland) and F. Masuda (Kyoto Univ.)
WS 3: Best practice for submitting a paper to Sedimentology
Lecturers:P. Haughton (Univ. College Dublin), P. Carling (Southampton Univ.)

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