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Pre-Congress Field Excursions

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FE-A1: Shallow to offshore marine bio- and lithofacies changes along basin transect and Cenomanian-Turonian oceanic anoxic event in Cretaceous Yezo forearc basin, central Hokkaido

FE-A2: Fluvial architecture within the Palaeogene braid delta drainage systems, northeast Japan (Pacific Coast); their sequence stratigraphy and facies analyses

FE-A3:[ Cancelled ] Influence of tectonic and eustatic sea-level changes on sedimentation: Change in depositional environments of the Cenozoic Oga Peninsula, NE Japan

FE-A4: Glacioeustatic signals and sequence architecture of the Pliocene-Pleistocene forearc basin-fill successions on the Boso Peninsula, central Japan

FE-A5: Reconstruction of submarine volcanoes in an arc-arc collision zone, central Japan

FE-A6: Large-scale gravelly foreset beds: gravelly spit vs. gravelly delta, Aichi and Shizuoka, central Japan

FE-A7: [ Cancelled ] Sediment mobilization features in Tertiary fore-arc basins of Shimanto Terrane in Kii Peninsula

FE-A8: Modern and geohistorical tsunamiites in central Japan

FE-A9: [ Cancelled ] Shimanto Belt in Shikoku Island: Tectonics and sedimentation in Cretaceous to Miocene accretionary complex

FE-A10: Hot-springs in eastern Kyushu and their related sedimentationand microbial processes

FE-A11: Modern tidal processes and combined-flow bedforms in a mesotidal sandy flat, Ariake Bay, Kyushu

FE-A12: [ Cancelled ] Pleistocene reef complex deposits and Holocene raised coral reefs in the Central Ryukyus

FE-A13: [ Cancelled ]Lower and Upper Paleozoic sequences in the Taebaeksan Basin, mideastern part of the Korean Peninsula

FE-A14: [ Cancelled ]Cretaceous non-marine basins in the Korean Peninsula: Yongdong, Kyokpo, Eumsung, Kongju, and Haenam basins

FE-A15: [ Cancelled ]Fan-delta systems in Pohang Basin and interaction of braided streams and volcanics in the Janggi Basin

FE-A16: Tidal flats in the western coast of Korea: estuarine, embayed and open-coast intertidal flats and subtidal sand ridges

FE-A17: High-frequency cycles in the Tertiary siliciclastic strata of the South China Sea margin exposed in NW Taiwa