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Post-Congress Field Excursions


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FE-B1: [ Cancelled ] Dolomitization of Permian seamount type carbonates and Triassic to Jurassic deep-sea bedded cherts, Kuzuu area, central Japan

FE-B2: Izu-Oshima, Hakone and Fuji volcanoes and their eruptive products

FE-B3: [ Cancelled ] Large-scale post-eruptive volcaniclastic resedimentation and its fluvial, geomorphic and environmental responses: the Numazawako eruption (5ka) and its aftermath, northeast Japan

FE-B4: Sedimentary successions and petroleum geology of a back-arc to arc-arc junction basin: submarine-fan to fluvial systems and depositional sequences of the Neogene Niigata-Shin'etsu inverted rift basin, Northern Fossa Magna, central Japan

FE-B5: [ Cancelled ] Sedimentation on the arc-arc collision zone in central Japan

FE-B6: Early Triassic to Middle Jurassic radiolarian chert sequence in the Inuyama area, central Japan: a record of pelagic deep-sea environments before and after a boundary event

FE-B7: [ Cancelled ] Lake Biwa: Modern and ancient environments in relation to tectonics during the last 400 ka

FE-B8: Uppermost Jurassic limestone mounds and the recent tufa deposits in southern Shikoku Province

FE-B9: Transgressive successions from siliciclastic shelf to basin in the Cretaceous Himenoura Group.

FE-B10: [ Cancelled ] 29Ma Sequence boundary in forearc-trench and back-arc basins of Kyushu Island

FE-B11: Sedimentation and tectonics of the Tertiary delta to basin successions in the Tsushima Islands, off northwestern Kyushu

FE-B12: Quaternary reef development in Okinawa-jima, the Ryukyu Islands

FE-B13: [ Cancelled ] Coral zonation on fringing reefs in the Ryukyu Islands

FE-B14: [ Cancelled ] Depositional processes and evolution of hydromagmatic volcanoes on Jeju (Cheju) Island, Korea

FE-B15: Tectonics and sedimentation of the active Taiwan mountain belt