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Field Excursions

Deadline: 15th March 2006.
Registration deadline for field excursions, is extended again to 15th March 2006!

The following field excursions are on offer. There are pre-, post- and mid-congress excursions, designated by "A", "B" and "C" prefixes, respectively.

Field excursion registration procedure:

We strongly recommend using on-line registration. On the Congress Webiste, click on "Field Excursions" and log in with your Username and Password. In case you do not have Internet access, You can also complete Registration form downloaded from this Website and send it by mail or fax to the ISC2006 Secretariat Office. Delegates should preferably select one or two back-up excursions in case their first choice is oversubscribed or cancelled. Places will be allocated strictly on a first-come first-paid basis, based on replies received electronically or by post the conference organisers, and full payment being received.

In the event that an excursion is under-subscribed, that excursion may be cancelled at the sole discretion of the organisers. If your first preference is already fully booked, you will be allocated your second choice if available. You will be refunded if your excursion is cancelled or no other choice available.

In the event that you are allocated a second or third choice excursion, you will be asked to pay any difference due. Any credit will be refunded if you are placed on an alternative excursion that is less costly than your first choice.

Rendezvous time and details:

Excursion leaders will communicate with successful participants on confirmation of their participation, final details or possible changes. If you have any special meal requirements, please contact excursion leader in advance.

Excursion fees:

Excursion fees include accommodation plus transportation during the excursions. Concerning meal costs, please check the information in each excursion. The excursion fee does not cover items such as alcoholic beverages, telephone calls, laundry, gratuities, and any other personal items. Fees do not include the travel costs of delegates to starting points of excursions, which is the delegate's responsibility. For pre-congress excursions, delegates need to make their own transport arrangements to travel to Fukuoka, if the excursion ends elsewhere.


In case a delegate cancels a field excursion booking, the following will be applicable:

- On or before 1st May 2006- full refund

- On or before 1st July 2006- 50% refund

- After 2nd July 2006- no refund


The season will be late summer. Summers in Japan, except in the northern part of Japan, are very hot and sticky. Temperature during the daytime can be higher than 30°C. Showers may be expected. Further, typhoons may approach Japan islands in late summer. Therefore, hats and sun protection is strongly advised for all excursions and you are advised to be prepared for rain and wind. Whereas you may feel some coolness during nights and cloudy-rainy days in the northern part of Japan. Please check the weather information of the excursions carried out in this region.


Most of field excursions will be operated under normal field conditions. You are advised to prepare for reasonable fitness and strong hiking boots, outdoor clothing, raincoat or umbrella, hat, sunglasses, sun screen lotion and back pack.

Pre-Congress Field Excursions

Post-Congress Field Excursions

Mid-Congress Field Excursions