Abstract Submission Page

Abstract Submission

Deadline: 15h March 2006

On-line abstract submission is available now.

Each abstract must be submitted by the person who is going to make the oral or poster presentation (presenter). Each presenter may submit several abstracts for oral and poster presentations in Technical Sessions. Abstract submission fee (¥12,000) is for each abstract.
Therefore, if you submit several abstracts, you must pay the amount of fee equivalent to the number of abstracts submitted.

Submission procedure:

There are two ways to submit abstracts: (a) by an On-line submission on the Congress Website as an attachment of a PDF file of the abstract or (b) by sending a Windows (any version) or Mac formatted disk or CD containing the abstract, together with a printed copy, to the ISC2006 Secretariat Office. We strongly recommend using the on-line submission method.

On the Congress Website, click on "Abstract Submission" and log in with your Username and Password, received at the registration.

Click on "Submit" and check if your data are correct. After clicking on "Confirm", the system will automatically issue your Username and Password, which are necessary to activate the submission process. You will also receive confirmation of your Username and Password by e-mail. A template of abstract can be down loaded from the Congress Website. For further detailed instruction concerning submission of abstracts, please refer to the Congress Website or contact the ISC2006 Secretariat Office.


Delegates who intend to submit abstracts must pay the abstract submission fee at the time of submission of their abstracts. No abstract will be reviewed and included in the abstract volume until the payment of the fee is received. Delegates will be notified of acceptance of this abstract by 15th April 2006. If any abstracts are rejected by reviewers, the abstract submission fee paid in advance will be refunded.