Format of Abstracts Page

Format of abstracts

Abstract is limited to one A4-size page, text only without any figures or tables.

General layout:

Top, bottom, left and right margins are 37 mm, 19 mm, 20 mm and 20 mm, respectively.


Upper and lower case, left adjust. Times, 14 pt bold.

Contributors' name:

Type in all caps, left adjust. Times, 11 pt.


Upper and lower case, left adjust, and occupying a single line. Times, 10 pt italic. Numbered superscripts should be used to indicate the affiliation of each contributor. E-mail address can be added in parenthesis, at the end of the corresponding contributo's affiliation.

Main text:

Single-spaced text using Times 10 pt in two columns of 82.5 mm width and 241 mm in length with 5.3 mm separation. If section headings are used, type in all caps using Times 10 pt bold, left adjust. If subsection headings are used, type using Times 10 pt bold, upper and lower case, left adjust.


Reference style should generally conform with the "Notice to Contributors" located on the inside back-cover of Sedimentology " except, references should be numbered, and when referring to a reference in the text, place the corresponding reference number in square brackets [1]. References should be listed in numerical order, in 9 pt font (do not use bold text), at the end of the abstract under a section heading entitled "REFERENCES